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news about S.C.A.R
new s.c.a.r shit

new s.c.a.r shit

 The band is broadaning it's horizons, by this I mean we are starting to spawn into heavy metal thrash, punk freaks!!!

  At the start of the band Mike was a soft rock punk kinda guy and i dug that and every thing was good... untill we started making music. Why i say this is because you have a clash between metal and soft rock/ punk. Not a good mix. Although, Mike was recently introduced to some problem to the solution... now he to feels that it would be a good idea to start getting down to buisness with some heavt metal! our new music will be like a mix between Pantera and Rage Against the machine. BE PREPAIRED!!!


Here is a list of all our tunes
  1. reefer day
  2. tainted
  3. escape
  4. rootbeer cats
  5. joint
  6. stoner ride
  7. hot boxin'
  8. mindless
  9. shellshock
  10. bolts
  11. jam session
  12. sanctuary
  13. carnage
  14. lonley
  15. f.i.t.t.c
  16. f.t.g
  17. peace is not the answer
  18. exploding head
  19. the letter
  20. 11years in prision
  21. cause im an indian
  22. waisted

and a whole shit load more!

"you can't kill rock and roll"------- Ozzy

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